Taipei Day 3: Wu Fen Pu

We decided to head of to Wu Fen Pu, yet another shopping area after the Hello Kitty Cafe.

To get there, take an MRT to Hou Shan Pi Station. Walk down the alley of shops, and Wu Fen Pu would be there soon enough. It is a place that is really like Bugis in Singapore. Cheap, lots of stalls and with a lot of hype.


It has many endless rows of shops, so feel free to walk down and browse through all the clothes available. It doesn’t have a lot of interesting sights to see though, so it is not a place to go to if you are looking for things to buy and scenery. It is noisy, and also non-air conditioned. Going in the weather of 22 degrees is good enough.

We saw rows of shops selling similar styles of clothing though. They were mostly shirts, and long pants. However, most of the designs were really baggy, and thus they were not suitable. Others were either too oddly designed, or bright in colour. The nice sets were then too old, since they were unfortunately decorated with pearls and beads. I wished they removed the beads and pearls. It would look so much younger that way!

So far, I only managed to buy 2 singlets… They were not really anything special, but at least I knew that the quality was alright. There are some clothes there that look really nice, but then with poor quality. Wearing them for a few times would probably tear the fabric. That was rather disappointing.

Shirts with loud messages and prints were also seen. I don’t like those kind of shirts with a lot of bold words and neon colours. Some of them were like that. There were some High Waist Shorts that were way way too small… I think if I tried to fit myself in it the shorts would burst or something. No kidding. You need an ultra thin skinny waist to fit into such a pair. Also, some stalls don’t allow you to try their clothes, so it is a ‘Take A Risk’ and buy kind of thing.


Wu Fen Pu was unusually windy that day, so it was cold at some areas. There were shops blasting Korean and English pop tunes too; perhaps they were trying to make it more international.

We were also hungry from all that shopping. And another word of advice, there isn’t much food in Wu Fen Pu. So it isn’t that good a place to eat and shop. We came across a Grilled Corn stall though, and we happily bought a few sticks to keep us full.

We stumbled upon a mee sua stall that was outside Wu Fen Pu. There was a stall vendor selling steaming pots of stuff, so I decided to take a look. And lo and behold, there was soup! And mee sua. Unfortunately, I then discovered the said mee sua had intestines in it… When we reached home, I was too hungry to even notice I was eating intestines. I thought they were innocent looking mushrooms. How wrong I was. But the soup stock was delicious nonetheless.

So head to Wu Fen Pu for cheap buys, but not necessarily the style of clothes. 🙂


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