Hello Kitty Cafe: The Pink Deal.

After we had headed off to the Miniature Museum, we embarked on a Pink Escape, to the Hello Kitty Cafe.

This cafe is located at the station Zhong Xiao Fu Xing. It is a 5 minutes walk from there, and just look out for the SOGO stall just opposite the place. Continue walking down the road, and an unmistakably pink building would be seen. It is the pinkest cafe that I have ever come across.


It is really crowded, so making a reservation early before coming is most ideal. We waited for around an hour till 3.30pm before the person let us in. The wait was long, but it allows for a good view of the pink environment, and the pretty looking cakes lying at the counter. They are displayed almost like Exhibits, and they look really good to eat. A feast for the eyes and also taste I suppose. In the mean time, we snapped a lot of polaroids and photos of the shop interior, which really kills time. So remember to bring cameras and your polaroids to snap some pictures of this place.


The area only permits you to stay in the cafe for a certain amount of time. 40 minutes is the usual time permitted for each customer group. We were ushered in, and we took a long look at the menu before deciding. Almost all of us got the sets, since the set comes with a 180 NT drink. Service charge is also included in the Bill, so don’t forget to factor it in!

The waitresses that took us were rather friendly. However, the cakes take some time to come, so be patient. When the moment arrived, it is the best time to snap pictures of the food. I tried an Oreo Cheese Cake, which had the Hello Kitty Symbol sprinkled distinctly on it. Even the lattes and drinks ordered would have the Hello Kitty Symbol on it.


The Service here is slow, but at least they do permit you to take your time to savour the looks of your cake before devouring it. One of my friends wasn’t too fond of the whole pink decor, so she took a Hello Kitty Pudding and mashed it into pieces. I too wasn’t fond of the interior, so we both had a good laugh. The pudding that they gave was free, but it was tasteless according to Amanda. I think they used egg to make it, since it was this distinct yellow colour.

The Cakes were fair in taste. My Oreo Cheese Cake was very crumbly, and the Oreo didn’t taste like Oreo at all. Eunice’s Brownie Cake was pretty nice, but not spectacular. The nicer ones I tried would be Amanda’s Creme Brule, with a crusty crunchy pie crust, and Say Yian’s black chocolate cake. Hers looked plainer than ours, but was so decadent in the centre.

Though the food looks really mouth watering, the taste is not the best I’ve tried. So come here to take pictures of the food, but not for its taste.


Playlist soundtracks in the shop were disappointing though. Most of the time, they gave very awful sounding covers of some songs, such as ‘I knew you were Trouble;’ by Taylor and ‘We are the World’ by Michael Jackson and various artists. There were very few songs on the list, so in our short hours of staying there, we heard the same songs over 4 times. They sounded really horrible, since the cover was a rather nasal voice that seemed to screech out the words. On our feedback form, we requested for more variety, and Better Covers. let us hope they took that advice.  They would give you a feedback form to fill, so if you have any problems with the food and all, feel free to do so.


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