Have so many dreams and thoughts about leaving soon. I’ll be away for the longest time alone; 7 weeks. It isn’t long compared to most people who have been away, but certainly it’s long for me.

In all these, I wonder what will happen there for 7 weeks. What I will see, who I will meet, and how things will fare.

I don’t know how it will end my summer, and I certainly hope it’s a memorable one. Think I’m half excited and half terrified at the prospects of going to a place that is completely unfamiliar to me in terms of culture and landscape. What’s more, the time difference is also big. 15 hours… Haha.

I’ve been dreaming of a new house, and departure at the airport. I think this all leads to my leaving soon. 16 days to Berkeley and USA.

It’s going to be good I’m sure. One of my friends flew there yesterday, and I hope to get regular updates from her on how it’s like. And hopefully hang out with her during summer school too. I’m just praying for a good community to belong there and also a good sense of time and planning.

In a few days I’m also leaving for Church Camp, and that will be 5 days away and doing all the camp activities. The camp planning will finally cease and we will see the goings unfold. It’s going to be interesting I hope.


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