Hello, it’s been a while

I realised I have not updated this blog for so long now. Maybe it's because I've been lazy to update 2 blogs at the same time, one being my public one, and this private space that I have forgotten to fill. School's been the same, but slightly lighter in the sense that I'm taking 4 … Continue reading Hello, it’s been a while



After a long weekend, I'm back in Singapore with a sun tan, a few more mozzie bites but great memories that I won't forget anytime soon. Am really thankful for how the Batam trip turned out, be it through the friendships made, and the sights that we saw. I was initially quite worried at how … Continue reading Batam.


Summer has begun, and I've been spending some quality time with some people, and one of these people included my grandmother, whom taught me how to cook some Poh Piah vegetables today. I decided to go to her house earlier before my family, and I saw the sheer joy on her face when I told … Continue reading Meaning.