In less than a month, I’ll be flying off to the USA, and spending 2 months there studying and also travelling around on my own. Tis a daunting task, and I’m both extremely excited and also fearful of what is to happen.

I’ve been researching and also compiling lists of things to see and do. Since my parents do not allow me to drive there, I will be commuting on Public Transport, and with such a scenario, I’ll work around the time limits and also my limits without a car. Thus far, I’ve narrowed down a few places I can possibly see. I’ll be seeing the Yosemite park with my mom, and exploring a bit of San Fran, thus I can go further out in my weekends

  1. Visit Napa Valley/Sonoma Wine Country
  2. San Francisco (walk around and take in sights)–Visit Golden Gate Parks etc.
  3. Weekend trip to LA (Need to find accommodation and make plans though. Take a bus over?)
  4. Take a tour around Sausalito and Muir Woods
  5. Visit islands (E.g. Angel Island) or National Parks (Mount Diablo etc)
  6. Visit Oakland/Explore around Berkeley

That said, I’m aware that walking around and also exploring has its safety concerns. And I’ll try to find a buddy or two to head down with when I am there. Just praying for a good set of room mates and people in my hall to be open and welcoming. Likewise, for myself to be open to meeting new people and being willing to be both cautious and friendly at the same time.


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