Tis the end of a season of serving in the capacity of the subcommittee in VCF, and we had our Annual General Meeting yesterday to close off the AY with thanksgiving and prayer. We were asked to think of a few things that God has been to us, and for me, He has been the sustainer and provider through the whole semester. It has been a series of learning and growing, and God addressing places in my life and heart that I have been unduly uncomfortable about. He has been doing a lot of inner work in my life, where he addressed  many things.

Yesterday’s AGM was a meaningful one, where we could elect our new leaders, and also tune in to the updates from every member of the EXCO.

However, an Honorary Treasurer did not get elected, which was the first time ever in the CF AGM. I got approached by 3 of my subcommittee members subsequently after the meeting to consider stepping up to this role, and a good friend of mine also got approached to think about it carefully.

It was a shell shock to me as I never considered this role, and I had stepped down this year not planning to serve again so soon. Still, it humbled me that they put so much faith in me.

I have not given an answer, because I don’t want to jump into anything without first talking to God about it, and also looking out for indications of His Will for me. To step up to a role not for any personal intentions or for pressure or pride’s sake, but to step up knowing that God has called, and for that Sole Purpose will I seek.



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