Summer has begun, and I’ve been spending some quality time with some people, and one of these people included my grandmother, whom taught me how to cook some Poh Piah vegetables today. I decided to go to her house earlier before my family, and I saw the sheer joy on her face when I told her that I wanted to help. She busily ushered me into the kitchen, and we started frying the bean curd, and then followed by the vegetables. She was laughing and smiling really happily, the most I have seen in recent days.

She told her helper, “I have a successor in the family!” and she joyfully showed me how to portion the vegetables and the steps to cut them. As we stir-fried the batch of vegetables, she mentioned stories and little snippets of my dad’s childhood. I felt really warm inside, and also very grateful to have this chance to bond with my grandma. I’ve never really taken the time to learn any cooking from her, and so I have decided I shall set aside some time to learn traditional recipes from her, those that she picked up from learning and experimenting over the years. She used to go to the market to observe the way they skinned fish and prepared vegetables, and that was how she learned to cook, because her mother passed on when she was still very young. As I listened and prepared the food with her, I recognised that learning from her was important, and that it meant a lot to her, that I cared enough to want to learn from her. The joy on her face revealed it all, and I hope to spend this time with her while I still can.

That aside, my parents also celebrated their Anniversary recently, so my brother and I took to also prepare a little sweet treat for them, and how fun it was! It’s amazing actually, to see how the little activities can bond and bring cheer to the house. I felt really relaxed and the most alive I’ve been in a while. Tis good to be able to wake up without worrying on the next project meeting or deadline, or to wake up and rush for a class and prepare for lessons. Tis a time for bonding and refreshing, and I am ever more glad, and happy I made this choice to spend time with people. It’s fascinating and also amazing to see how God fills up my time with many meaningful things, from not only spending time with friends (have to teach one of them cycling sometime), but also in reading books, having more time with my sketchbook, and doing things in a less hectic and rushed pace.

Besides that, there is also time set aside for administrative things, where I have to hand over some materials to my Successor in CF, and also settle the final membership roll to hand it to the EXCO. It’s a strange feeling really, to let go of something that you have been managing for a year,  and to pass it into someone else’s hands. I’m excited to see what the new subcommittee has in store, and also to see a newer generation come into CF to serve as the seniors graduate. The CF is having its AGM next Monday, so by then we’ll see the whole new group of leaders arising from the old ones. Tis an exciting time!

I’m opening up my house for Cell this Friday, and also going for my first ever volunteer event (Meals-On-Wheels). Looking forward to blessing people, be it in giving food, or simply offering my home to be a place for fellowship and Bible Study. I do hope that the Summer will continue to be meaningful, with new things popping up every week, things to see and do, and people to bless.


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