As seen, I have decided to change my blog skin in lieu of a desire for change. A change within myself, that some parts of me have changed and will never return, and some new aspects of myself that I am still slowly discovering along the way.

I’m looking forward to sharing my posts in a more organised way, and under each category, there would be different types of posts. I’m looking forward to restarting this blog, as how I am reflecting and looking into myself, changing the rough edges, and beginning to grow and develop. I want to continually self improve and mature, and I have been trying to seek advice and even criticism when deemed fit. It’s all about changing and accepting that you are not perfect, and of course, you cannot please everyone. I am learning to find that balance, and to find more about who I am.

Have intentionally decided to blog more on this platform rather than my public one, as I seek more privacy and also more freedom and ability to voice out of my thoughts. Thus far, I have only entrusted this blog to a few that I trust greatly, I am grateful for them for keeping this blog private. They are surprised that I have this avenue for myself, but I realise I need it more and more, to breathe and let loose, and it shall stay private as it is.

I’m looking forward to using this blog more often for my sharing and posts, which I want to be more private, reflective, and free to voice out more in phases and eras of my life.


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