End 20 (21)

It’s the end of another age, and a fresh beginning again. Every year as it flies, I am reminded of the journey taken and of the many things that happened over the past few years. A lot has happened within these precious years, and I am thankful for being able to live it, through its joys and pains.
Once again, am just thankful for lessons, valleys and mountain top experiences. From humble beginnings, I see myself (even today) change and grow through God’s hard but loving workmanship, chipping away at the faults and many deep rooted insecurities in my heart, for touching me with a love that heals and makes me whole. Years ago I would not have imagined myself now, having gone through everything as though it was a part of a dream. From the growing within, to exploring adventures outward, there were many people that crossed my path, and many that made an impact in some way or another.
Through the years, have said both hellos and goodbyes, saw my own successes and failures, and all together, it makes it a messy but beautiful masterpiece. I’m not sure what I will be like in the next 10 years or so, but it will surely be another adventure.
Through my journey, I saw God in different phases. He showed Himself through abundance and grace in younger teen years, and then He was my source of hope in the times where it was hard and stressful, and more recently, a God of new beginnings, and He works for the Good of those who love Him.
Through the years, I see His plan slowly unfolding at the seams, and I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to do more than I would dare to do. In both local and foreign shores, it has shown me a world that is outside my own bubble, and I am glad to have grown and learnt from many people in my path. He showed me how important it is to make a difference in someone else’s life, to be able to cry with someone, to rejoice with someone, to be real, and to be forgiving. To also learn to compartmentalise my feelings and toughen my resolve, and to set goals on my own, not to prove a point but to achieve a purpose and also a state of mind.
My hope is to grow ever more in not only the physical sense but also in the well of emotional and spiritual experiences. Surely, all the good and bad that has happened will reveal its reasons, and as I say goodbye to the many things that happened of 2015, I say hello to more things to come in this year of the 21.
Am hoping to be a better version of myself this year, and that God moulds me to the person He wants me to be.
To more amazing things, and also, thank you, for journeying alongside me in my life. To 21.

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