All Is New And Well

The new semester is starting today, and I am quite excited on the prospects of everything starting again.

This week had the Golden Jubilee celebrations in Singapore (SG50), and it was a whole occasion for fun, happiness and celebrating the nation’s progress in these few years. Amidst the celebrations I enjoyed some quality time resting up and spending time with loved ones, and I also set some personal goals for myself! This coming AY I want to serve and do things with heart and discipline, and to improve spiritually, mentally and physically.

I’m really grateful and thankful for this chance to reflect and think through how I want to live out my life this semester, and have the continued passion to keep setting small hurdles for me to jump over, and to keep loving people near and far. To treasure everything that happens this semester, and to be the best version of myself.

God’s with me, and I know that in Him, I can stand up and proclaim “I can do all things in Him who gives me strength”.

Here’s to a brand new AY! All is New and Well!


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