With only 2 more weeks left to the start of school, I have to say that it has been quite a ride thus far.

I’ve been through things that I have never would have thought to experience before, be it through working or serving in VCF. Atop of it, there were refreshing and fun filled memories such as church camp & going to Hong Kong with my mum and aunts. Through the journey, I met people along the way that became quite important in my life, and caught up with dear faces whom I have not seen for a while.

Here’s to catching up with friends and the many impromptu things that we did.

Here’s also to family and the quality time I could spend with them, with conversations that were meaningful and whole.

Here’s to planning and executing freshman camp and seeing God’s sovereignty in everything.

Here’s to experiencing working life and feeling the satisfaction from the views that your articles had garnered.

Here’s to spiritual revivals and many good memories and prayers that were said.

Here’s to the new friendships that unexpectedly came.

Here’s to friends coming and going from my life, and I glad that you were there at a point in my life. 

Here’s to having so many good memories to treasure, smile and laugh at. 

Here’s to Hong Kong and the amazing things I saw there. 

I am thankful for summer, and sure, I don’t really want school to start just yet, but yes. When it comes, I’ll be able to deal with it. It’s going to be stressful, tiring and certainly draining at times. But I pray that I will walk through it with confidence and faith.


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