A lot of things have happened this week, and I shall slowly unravel how things have been doing with this post. 🙂 This week I was away in Leadership Camp for 3 days, and it was an eye-opening camp  for all of us. We were introduced to the new vision and direction of where we are headed for the new academic year. The theme was known as ‘Pilgrims, Prophets, Pioneers and Poets; Come Witness–Go Witness!” (Catchy tune don’t you think?) The cutest thing about this camp was that lunch was different at every meal. Each of us brought a lunch box, and the committee will fill our lunch box with something different at every meal. From noodles to mixed rice, there was even a night that I got sushi and poh piah.

We learned on the different ways that we could serve God through our areas of service. It encouraged me to look at my secretarial role as something more meaningful, and I got to know the other people of various positions all over NUS. I also tried leading worship for the first time, and it was an eye-opening experience. From choosing the songs to singing by yourself over the mike, is something that actually gave me a lot of joy. I never knew what it was like to sing and smile because I felt so joyful in my service to the LORD. I’m inspired, and also ready to serve for the last lake in Freshman Camp planning, as well as my upcoming role as the secretary for Arts CF.

This camp had sparked off a passion within me, and I prayed and worshipped a whole lot more than previous times. A good thing that Christian Fellowship has done for me is that I have learned to seek God in prayer for things that burden my heart, and to have a group of people that I can share my life with. We prayed for each other, worshipped at the rooftop of the church, and ate lunch together.

Through all these experiences, I also got to know my fellow committee members much more, and I am truly glad to have had this opportunity to know them better. I got to know this particular person in the camp committee more. We never really had a chance to talk extensively before, but I am glad that we did. He took some initiative to sit by me during meals, we got to know each other a bit, and I feel happy when he is around. I have not felt this way close to 2 years, and while it is not really anything yet, I’m being prayerful, and also very careful about it. I’ve been observing him from a distance for close to half a year for now, and recently we have been talking more. I don’t know where this leads, but we will be seeing each other quite a bit over this course of camp prep and all. So I’ll see how it goes. For all we know it could be a great friendship!!

Despite the exam results coming out during camp, it was a peaceful experience, and thank God, the results were okay. I gave thanks that night when I lead worship, for God bringing me through a really difficult semester. Despite all the late nights, commitments, burning out in the middle of the semester, I still pulled through in the end with His help. My internship had ended abruptly due to a shortage of manpower at their side. They had told me that I need not report for work anymore, because they were going some structure changes, and they were getting a full-timer in next week. Plus, I guess I lacked the experience for me to be fully independent from their guidance over at the office. With a shortage of manpower, I guess it was necessary. It came a shock to me that they had suddenly announced this to me just a week after I got my pay, and it was a bit of a bummer and a relief for me.

In a way, I know that maybe this is not the field that is good for me, and maybe God put a stop for me to rest. I have no idea, but I am trusting in Him that he will show me a correct direction in my major. Sure, maybe writing is a strength, but maybe journalism is not really my thing. Also, I think the staff and I realised I did not really fit into the mould of writing for a tech-y website. Maybe I can explore more literary magazines or something else in the future. My parents have also advised me to see which direction I will take. My major is very flexible, and there are a few things that I can focus on. Not only does it provide Journalism, it also has Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Will perhaps gear towards that in the mean time. Sad as I am, I am also thankful and seeing it in a positive light. This is the real start to my summer!

As freshman camp planning steps up a notch, it is also good to take a break from working. Freshman Camp preparation is in full swing, and the head has planned for a retreat for us coming next next week. We’ll be having some quality time to talk through and plan things for camp, especially running some dry-runs for the games. That aside, I’m also really trying hard to catch up with some faces that I have not seen for a while, especially ever since I began working. I’m excited to meet some of them. With all these in mind, I’ll be pretty busy this June, with a lot of planning and church camp in the meantime. 🙂 It really showed me that maybe God also took me off working for a reason, and gave me an experience.


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