Starting my internship.

Hi guys.

I am ever so glad to be able to come here and write about my day. The awesome thing about writing my own things is that it doesn’t need to be vetted by another, or placed under a sea of drafts for review. I can write whatever I want, and whenever I want. This personal freedom for expression is something I really value.

I’ve begun my internship, and to be honest it was not what I expected. It’s a lot tougher than it looks, especially in trying to remain relevant and also appealing to the idea of newsworthiness in the office. My bosses and superiors would edit my work before it is published, and the whole process of coming up with new items, and researching, following by writing, is a real time consuming thing. What’s more, it is about things that PEOPLE want to read. I can’t write any old story… It needs to be revenant and important, such that people would visit our website more. There is a lot of criticism, editing and also pressure to keep coming up with new ideas. What’s more, I did not know we were so focused on Tech stuff. I have not much insights into those… Haha. If you count in Social Media and Youtube maybe that would be better.

As of now, I’m still trying to adjust to working and taking around 2 hours to travel there and back. Am very tired every day from work, but there are some things that keep me going. Have been able to relax, and the sweetest thing is when your friends want to spend time with you after work, or plan things on weekends, so you have things to keep your brain active during this point of time. It’s good to be able to spend time with others and write on my own blog during my off-working hours.

I’ll give things a try and continue striving. I get that energy to continue when I am into something I really want to write, and I hope that I can venture into things that are more of my interest, such as music, or travel-related articles. I don’t think the company does much review about food, but ah, if only I could.

Camp Prep is also going well, with our budget being higher than expected with our successful fundraising initiative. 🙂 Ever so happy to be able tons serve alongside these people in Christ, and I am thankful to have had a chance to know them.

Coming Semester, I’ll also be joining the VCF Arts Subcommittee as Secretary. Am really honoured to have been able to be given this role, and one thing about CF is that they don’t look at how charismatic or eloquent the person is, but more of the heart and the person’s willingness to serve God. It’s gonna be more challenging but I hope for it to be a meaningful experience. I’ll also be getting a Student Buddy from overseas for the semester, so I would have to go for some International Events and also spend time with her/him. Though I was a bit hesitant about joining, I decided to give it a try since most commitments were before the school term anyway. 🙂

Here’s to work and all the upcoming meetings I would have with people.


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