Being a Blessing.

I think Exam Blessings is a really special thing. It may not be in the physical forms of food, but in the gesture of reaching out to someone whom you have never imagined would respond.

Being in the CF has strengthened my faith in a lot of ways. I pray much more than before, do my Bible reading, and I also learn to look out for people in need (even if they are outside my social circle). Even during exams, blessings are prevalent. And I saw it for myself when I was studying in the library yesterday. My seniors went to bless people around the Arts Faculty by distributing snacks and food to people they saw, but for me it was a different case. Mine was a case of a girl whom I have not seen for a whole semester. I only remember her briefly; she was in my tutorial last semester… And she waved to me. She was alone.

My seniors nudged me to invite her for lunch. And so I did… She started off very awkward, and she hesitated, but I could see she was grateful and happy to have a group to lunch with. We ate with her and I introduced her to my CF mates… And true enough, even after I was gone, she joined them for dinner again!! And I was so pleased.. My seniors told me that she was a Christian, but she had not been attending cell for a while. And this was amazing since it felt like a way to reach out to a person who has been spiritually dry.

I’m awaiting God’s call on whether I should go back to school again this week to see her in the Library. I think it is a form of ministry, and hopefully she’d like us enough to join us in CF next semester. Turns out she was always studying in Level 3, but somehow, she had decided to come to sit around our side of the library, and met the group of us in turn. Perhaps it was some divine intervention that brought her to sit near us, and now she is aware of us as a CCA in school. I’m amazed at how God can use people to touch others.

Similar incidents happened when God brought a few people into my path for me to encourage, and through other people and myself, God blesses these people. Recently someone whom I have not spoken to for a while reached out to me for help and emotional comfort, and so we had a half hour long conversation on the phone, even though I have not had a proper conversation in a whole year. I prayed for her, and I was happy to hear that she was coping better this week after her thesis submission, and catching up on sleep.

Another form of ministry that I have been doing is trying to be with this friend in church, that is a little autistic. She has been my friend since I was 13 years old, and only after a short year hiatus from church she came back… Everyone avoids her, and I feel quite sad that people avoid her because she is different. I find it very hard to reach out to her and always accommodate her as well, because she is hard to talk to, and she follows me everywhere. Some friends blatantly avoid her, and so I can only talk to them after service ends, or when she is not around. This is a burden I have been carrying for many years now, and though I had honestly wished she would be entrusted to someone else for a change, the burden always ultimately falls on me to look out for her. My YA mates are nice and sometimes they take turns to speak to her, so at least it is not only me who shares this load. I pray that I will still be able to love her and reach out to her. Because Jesus loves EVERYONE, and I should love her too. Even if she is hard to love.

Even within my social circle, there are some whom really need my help and support. I think I have found my spiritual gift this year, which is the gift of encouragement. It is God’s gift to me, and I see it ever so clearly now in my life.. In a world that is largely absent of God, I hope to make my mark here.

Exam preparations have begun and I am truly thankful to have submitted the project yesterday. It was a semester long project, and we managed to complete it. 🙂 I’m also committing to an editorial job for the FASS club for the summer, so I hope I can juggle that with my internship and camp prep. I’m really looking to spending time with my secondary school and JC friends. I really miss them and I hope to see them soon.


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