I’m glad I’m alive.

The title summarises it all.

Casual talk, laughter… And then.. BANG!

A colossal hit was heard. It was frightening. Gruelling. Almost like a monster.

The glass shattered; it flew everywhere. It was all over the backseat. Shards almost hit me too. My brother screamed. My mother was in a shock…

We looked. A truck was behind us. The windscreen was totally gone. They were all shards. Mini pieces. All falling little by little even after the impact.

My brother was scared and looking around frantically. I shouted to my brother whether he was hurt. Thank God, all of us were not. We missed the shards by a few inches perhaps.

After some confusing conversation with the people in the truck, I snapped some photos of the scene. My brother helped record down some particulars while my mom conversed with the truck drivers. She was trying to remain calm and ask for administrative details and how to get insurance. I took many photos. Of the road we were on, the truck’s plate number, the address of the company the truck belonged to.

My brother and I proceeded to clear the glass shards. They were all over the backseat, the floor, even my mother’s bag. The base of my seat had 2 pieces of glass. The whole boot was filled of glass shards. Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of pieces. The whole back of the car was smashed in, and dented.

Turns out my brother was protected only by a headrest that he happened to put up for comfort when he sat down. Without it, I wouldn’t know what could have happened. My brother could have been hurt. Pieces of glass could have been pivoted into his neck or head. I could have lost a brother, or had him lying in a hospital bed today, if not by God’s grace. My mother did not lose control of the car when the truck hit us. All of us were wearing tight seat-belts. We did not hit our heads on the steering wheel or anything. My brother did not fly out and hit his head somewhere. I was safe, inches away from the sharp glass.

After we recorded down everything, we drove home, with the empty windscreen behind, and little pieces of glass falling off as we drove.  The rain was about to pour, but God held the rain. The mechanic is only available on Monday.

Dad was overseas. He FaceTimed us after the whole affair. he looked wide awake, even though it was night time there. We said a prayer over the phone. My mum went home and she was in a shock. I prayed in the car and with my mum. She was shaken, even when she tried to remain strong. I made some coffee for her, and tea for myself. I started crying in the carpark, thinking of the horror my brother or any of us could have went through. I only have one brother, one mother and one dad. Only one in this world. If something happened, I wouldn’t know what to do. My brother and I had a rare moment, where we were both silent. And I gave him a tight hug.

I’m still in shock. I could have been inured perhaps, if the glass hit somewhere vital, like the brain for instance. Anything could have happened. Anything CAN happen. And all of a sudden, all the problems we face in everyday life are minute and small compared to these. Suffering?? I don’t think I know what suffering is, when I see this. The extent of problems are such a wide spectrum, and I have a new thinking of mind today. I’m glad I am alive. I am glad my family is alive. I am glad my friends are all safe. They are so important to me and a part of my being… How could I have let my problems and work overwhelm me when there are more important things to consider?

God was there with us. Amazingly we were protected. And I don’t know what were the chances. But one thing I know is He did protect us, and I am thankful, and I remember, that LIFE… Is precious. Life is not just about existing. Life is only once, and I have to remember that.


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