Just thought I’d start the day with writing about my week.

It’s week 3 and school is getting busier. But the happy news is that I passed my Driving exam!! Really thank God for His goodness to me. I was in a complete daze when I found out I passed. He asked me for a passport photo when he sat down to reveal my results. I will receive my license by post in a month. So stoked!! My family was really happy and they brought me to Din Tai Fung for the first time to celebrate. In fact, dad laughed when mom called him that I passed. I secretly think they can’t believe their daughter passed haha.I also have to say another happy news that my brother got his posting result!!! I am really thankful and happy for him. Hehe.

My parents have been really supportive of me lately. I’ve been very open to sharing with them my work loads, and I even ask them for ideas when I don’t know how to do an assignment. It really helps them and they don’t mind me coming home late from school cuz they know what I am involved in, and what I am doing there, be it studying or other lessons and activities.

Dad had this adulthood talk with me on that day, and he was talking about scheduling time, making effort to be more active and whatnot. I realise that it is actually possible. I can organise my time such that I can begin the day with some activity. Doing a variety of things in my own pace. I can make time to practice my guitar, and do it for half an hour each day! Doing my readings in the morning when I wake up. And my dad suggested I get more active and do some light activity to help my body. This helps me cope with my intense back pain. (Pst, I heard light swimming helps with back pain) Today I set up my Nike Run and went to jog at the canal. It was so cooling, and it heads right down to Ghim Moh market, where my favourite PEANUT PANCAKES are. So it’s an incentive for me to do it and having a lovely meal there. Dad said I should bring him on the route soon. And I guess I will!!!

Also, there have been people asking me to consider the role of the Camp Comm for the Freshman Orientation of Christian Fellowship, and of course a position in Arts CF. I really need to pray about it, and also consider the Bible Study Fellowship that my mentor has been pushing me to go. Now I realise my days are filled with either school, CF, church, music lessons and meeting friends. It’s so busy!!! I guess that being focused helps me enjoy the work. I am quite stressed about my work lately cuz there is a follow-up news report to be done, and I have no idea how to do it. I have emailed some companies already, and I am sincerely PRAYING they will respond and I will be able to secure some interviews. Some friends were also kind and offered their help if I needed it. So I guess I can do it with God’s help!!! In another module, Project outlines are already beginning and my group has to come up with research questions as well. The fun part is this assignment for theatre, where I have to watch a play and do a review about it. I made a new friend recently in Theatre, and she bought tickets for me and her to watch the production. I can’t wait!

I am coping… It’s hard but I think with scheduling, I will get there.


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