Finals Week.

My Finals have kicked off, and I had my first paper today…

One thing about this semester, is that I am not really confident of my modules. They are all a little too new for me, and I am a slow learner. I need time to consolidate my things, but I guess a a semester does not allow for it. I’m just going to try my best for everything, even though I am not duly confident of what I am doing!! Thank goodness for the S/U option. I would be a goner without it I’m sure, especially when going in blind for a first year.

During the Reading Week, my Blur Buddy invited me to study at her residential college, and we had this really comfortable lounge where we studied in the evening. The food was really good too, and I was amazed at all the buffet style spreads at the Dining Hall. Malay, Indian, Chinese, Western. That is great. Another Bestie met me for dinner on one of the nights, and we ate these huge lovely wraps. We ended up having an impromptu trip to an ice cream place, and it was such a nice way to end the evening. Mum brought me out for dinner on Saturday, and we had a relaxing time as well… On Sunday, it was a therapeutic time at church, where I could let loose and just praise God with no qualms and worries. Friends there really help too.

As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. There have been a lot of encouraging people around who remembered that I was having examinations, and they sent a lot of well-wishes. One of them wanted to help me out for my Political Science paper (which was today). When we went to collect our essay, he sat there with me clarifying some doubts I had. After that, he sent me a whole list of summary sheets he had come up with, and he was really encouraging of course…. I am really thankful for such help, and I really hope to return the favour someday.

So my schedule for the following days would be…


  • 9-11am: South Asia 
  • 5-7 pm: Comms and New Media

Saturday 1-3 pm: Lit

Tuesday 9- 11am Environ. Bio

That’s it!! And I am done for the semester. I guess I will breathe in relief for the closure of some mods, since I did not really enjoy them in the first place. I just hope that God will show me which is the direction I should take for the next semester.

I’m just gonna try… Even if I really screw up this Semester I will say I have tried.


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