Yesterday, 1989 came out in full swing, and I was anxiously shaking my fingers and tuning in with my earphones to the songs. Chu Kee had even downloaded the whole album, and we were sending each other the lyrics that we liked. Nothing like a good bro to rave 1989 with. 🙂 Hehe. 

My favourites would be….

I Know Places

They are the hunters, we are the foxes. And we run.

One reason for me liking this song was how it was portrayed hunters and foxes. In life, there are always people trying to track and bring us down (hunters). And we need to run. Life is full of cruel people sometimes, and it’s about hiding and preventing them from hurting us when we can. Escaping from the clutches of those that want to harm or judge us.

I realise over the years, I’ve become more realistic. After being hurt by people, or judged/criticised, and seeing those under fire, sometimes all you want to do is grab hold of them, tell them it’s okay, and run away together. This song was a clear winner for me. When she hits the high notes, it’s pure emotion.

Bad Blood

Reminds me of toxic friendships that hurt or ended badly. Sometimes you forget the exact words they said, but the emotion it brought cuts deeper than a knife. Even though the friendship is patched back, it’s not the same. 

New Romantics

I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me.

Heartbreak is the new national anthem.

That got to me… People hurt you and throw you bricks. It hurts, and you could either build up a wall to shut them out, or slowly learn to love again! Taylor impressed upon me the embracing of past hurts, and just getting through it. She accepts the haters and critics, and the heartbreaks that broke her. Likewise, I want to do the same. When the world tells you to harden up and be immune, I feel that being vulnerable and wearing your heart on your sleeves sometimes is better. Being real, and embracing the hard knocks of life in an open-ness is really something admirable and bold.


Sometimes you get caught up with the idea of a love with someone, and you lose reality. Though there are days, you need an escape. In your mind.

This album reminded me one thing. You don’t need a lot to be happy, and once you stop comparing, you’ll feel much better. People would criticise and knock you down, but it’s what you make of it that matters.


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