I have so many things on my head right now… I think I need to write it somewhere… Every girl would have a diary/calendar schedule thing. Maybe if I write it all out it would look better.



  • 7.20am-9.10am: Driving
  • 12pm-2pm: Lunch with PS friends
  • 3pm-3.30pm: FASS FOP interview


  • Have to work out E-tutorial for NM (HOW!!!!)
  • 4-6pm: SN Presentation
  • Print out scripture reading summary


  • 9-10am: Prayer meeting with PLUMB group (Monday CG)
  • 10.15-11.15am: SN test (Lecture Hall)
  • 4pm-?- Meet family to discuss colour scheme of my new room
  • 5.35pm-6.45pm: Dinner at Platypus Food Bar with Bel & Nancy *tentative!* Should I get them cake?? It’s their birthdays after all


  1. Reply Amanda’s snail mail (or I can do it on Friday too).
  2. If decided, pay up for VCF ANNTIC
  3. Think about what to do for NM project.
  4. Do NM e-tutorial
  5. Practice scripture reading

15 October: PS essay questions released. Due: November 11th

Lit essay: Due before November 7th

NM Project Due: Week 10 Thursday. Now is Week 8. Oh my gosh… (HOW!)

18 October:

  • GEK 1515: Project Outreach 11am-2pm
  • Amelia’s birthday celebration (either 18/19/20..) / YA class?

28 October: Bake with YA. *tentative*

ARGH. Too many deadlines. TOO MANY THINGS. 😦


One thought on “Crazy.

  1. I feel you, Cass. Just that my schedule is packed till 10plus cause of college stuff! Can’t wait to meet you next week to just CHILLLLLLL over lunch. BTW, My friends wanna go to Halloween USS, and honestly I’m not keen, cause its really late and I’m super scared. But I don’t wanna disappoint them either. DILEMMAS.

    JIAYOU FOR THIS WEEK. Just 6 weeks to holidays 🙂

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