10 things I’ve learned this Summer.


It’s almost the end of July, and I have not made a post yet. Hehe. I have yet to update what has happened this month, but that is not for this post.

This is more like what I take away from this break. Yes, I don’t know but maybe in the years 19-25, we get a maturity boost or something. I have no idea. My mom tells me to stop maturing at an exponential rate, and I have to agree. This break has been totally fun, but I also took away some lessons from there.
I call it summer break since I think in university they call it that (and yes I know Singapore has summer all year round haha). So, what are the 10 things?

1. Have your heart set out right
What do I mean? Well, sometimes we are so caught up with things, that we forget what we are really on earth for. As for me, my reason for existence is that God allowed me to BE here, and I can’t forget that. I have to honour Him in what I say and do. Often times, I forget about that. And also, don’t lose yourself in the middle of things. I realised that we are so busy that we forget what is truly important: ourselves. At times we try so hard to be someone else, or keep a reputation that we want people to see, that we forget to look in the mirror and remind ourselves who we truly are. It is important to be grateful, and be THANKFUL for what we have.

2. Never lose sight of who is important.
Often times we forget the important people in our lives. Family is one of them… I know it’s all good and right to socialise and go out with our friends, but I also came to realise that at times we put friends > family. Which is really bad. At times, I forget the importance of that, and see spending time with family more like a duty than a real need. Blood is thicker than anything else you see. Family sees you at your worst, and still love you all the same. The family still accepts you home, even if you did something wrong or just screwed up. No matter what they are there. So I guess it is important to realise that your closest supporters should be given the time and love they deserve.

3. Remember who your real friends are.
When time passes, I do see who are the friends that genuinely care and bother about you. When you aren’t in the same school/place as them, the difference and separation only proves as whether a friendship can last. Those who bother to ask you about your day, encourage you when you’re sad, or are actually keen to talk to you, find out about your life and seek you out, are the ones whom you know should be the ones you invest on. A friend doesn’t compete with you or get jealous of what you are doing, or make you feel uncomfortable. Friendship is two ways. It should be trusting too.

4. Don’t lose your head in the fun.
Keep true to yourself, and your beliefs. I know I will be bombarded with a lot of pressures during this period of time, and sometimes I also forget to stop and look at myself, whether I have flaws to address. When we’re so busy having fun, we don’t stop to think what we should or should not be doing. Whether we’re going over the board, wasting time or even succumbing to peer pressure when you know you ought not to. Don’t compromise just because you want to fit in. Fitting in is the norm today, and you get tired of people simply judging you for who you seem to be, and at times you want to change that image that people perceive you to be. Have fun, but keep your head on.

5. It’s OK to slow down and breathe.
People like to rush, and I do like to rush to. I like to do many things at a time, so that I feel like I spent my time fruitfully and boosted my social calendar. But take a look and reflect at yourself sometimes. Rushing into everything just makes stuff meaningless after a while. It just gets tiring, and empty. Even if all you are doing is fun fun fun. And, it’s okay to take a break and chill on a day. Even lazing around has its benefits. Spending a little quiet time with God also puts things in perspective.

6. Plan.
I often lose track of the timings, expenses and planning is a real pain in the butt!!!! But it is necessary. Don’t outdo yourself, be it in jumping onto every activity bandwagon or spending too much money. I realise if I don’t, it goes haywire. It’s also not nice to plan things and have them cancelled halfway when you cannot manage your time. Plan your stuff in such a way that you also get enough time to sleep, and be healthy. I realise I didn’t take care of myself well enough, and it resulted me in falling sick. I’m still coughing 2 weeks after camp.
Planning on the budget to spend on, is another thing. It’s a give and take situation.

7. It’s important to learn how to say no.
Saying no can apply to a lot of stuff. Saying no to things you’re not comfortable with, no to outings when you know you can’t handle it, and no to stuff you cannot commit to. I realise, if I don’t, it leads to greater consequences in the end. You disappoint and make people unhappy, just because you did not say no. Being too obliging may not be a good thing all the time.

8. Watch your wallet.
We are having so much fun that we forget how much we are spending on the things that we do. Going out to cafes and eating can cost a bomb in your wallet… Having too ambitious outings can also fork out a lot of money, or buying something that is way way beyond budget. It’s important to know the limits of what we can or cannot buy. Money doesn’t grow on trees, it drains really fast actually.

9. You don’t always get what you want. Even after trying hard. And it’s OK.
Yeah, the world is not a wish-granting factory. God says no to some of our prayers because it may harm us, it isn’t the right time or He knows something better in the long run. When you apply for jobs, you get rejected. When you study real hard, you may not get the results you thought you would get. You may not be able to have it work in friendships/relationships even if you invest time and effort on it, or have things work out just like you wanted it to. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is not impossible to get over. Some things, are just not meant to be. It’s important to know when to let go, and let things pass. Let the hurt heal with time. Lessons are often behind painful experiences.

Unrequited feelings, is about the most painful and joyful thing ever. I’d call it the first love, since all I wanted to do, was to give and find out all about the person, always reaching out and everything. But in the events of it all, I felt so much I don’t think I can feel this way for another person in a while. My heart needs a break, a big one. Haha. I don’t think I truly felt this way before, this was the first. That it meant so much. And I have no regrets. 

10. Eat humble pie.
Being in a job also lets you work in the shoes of the lowest ranking employees in office. Also, having the humbleness to admit you’re wrong, is also important. Accepting the fact that you need help, and guidance from others is also being humble and accepting of what is to come.

And to conclude, as Nick Vujicic says,


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