Castles and Queens.

One of my ideal destinations would be none other than London itself. It is such a pretty place, thought rainy. The air of the place is posh, and with a air of regality. I read in a book somewhere about these lovely places, and yes, it’s official. There are some places that I would love to visit, and things I would like to see.

  • Hyde Park

Yes, it is a huge park that is probably very well known. But it would be great to have a picnic there. How awesome is that?? 

  • Big Ben.

Duh. Posing next to the Big Ben is a MUST! I wonder if it is allowed to go up and explore the mechanics of it. I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s been there running for ages. 

  • Hatchards

Yes. Dude…Oldest bookshop in London. The bookstore with everything. I’ll go crazy in there… Probably buy a lot of books. It sounds heavenly really.YAY!!  😀 

  • Notting Hill. 

The Victorian shophouses there give a really rustic and sophisticated feel. Awesome!!! 

  • Windsor Castle.

After all, it is the oldest castle in London, since the 11th century. Plus, there is Eton College, where Prince William and Harry studied. Ooh la la. 

  • Fish and Chips.

Yes. UK’s fish and chips are probably the best. Haha. Fried battered fish with one of my favourite vegetables. Why not? FOOD. 

  • Harry Potter Museum and Studio Tour. 

I am so going. After all, who wouldn’t want to see how they made the movie? And get a taste of Diagon Alley and see the Hogwarts school props. Read all 7 books. It’s a fantastic, or should I say, bloody good book to read

  • Sit on the famous double decker red bus

Who wouldn’t want to sit on it? It’s lovely!! And bright spanking red!! 

  • Buckingham Palace.
  • Crash a Food Glorious Food event/Great British Bake Off

I’ve watched the events on television. What a sight would it be to see Food Glorious Food in real life action!!! Pies, Cakes, and the food critics themselves!! 

  • Get a Glimpse of One Direction

Don’t judge me but oh the British Boy Band is ❤ Brit Boys. I mean look at Niall Horan. He looks really good in a soccer jersey. I can guarantee. Ah.. Maybe I can help my friend Ya Fan get a fan sign, or she should just come along with me.

  • See a Musical down there. Les Miserables?? Please?

Alethea introduced me to this and oh my I really hope to watch a musical there.

Oh me my… one day, I shall visit this rustic and yet popular place.. With lovely accents and all. I love how they speak. It’s positively charming.



2 thoughts on “Castles and Queens.

  1. Hahaha, omg cass. You just listed half of the things I did on my holiday. Crashing the Great British Bake-off sounds pretty awesome, as does Hatchards. You should add Farmers Markets to your list! (Like Borough Market and Camden Town Market) you’ll love it.

    1. Wow wow wow that must have been a whole lot of fun. Hehe. Gosh, I would love that!!!! Hehe. Yay, that sounds lovely. Oh my, all the more a reason to visit the UK. Ooh!! 😀

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