To: My Blur Buddy.

Hello there Blur Buddy!!!

πŸ™‚ You must be surprised at seeing this post when I supposed to be away, but TADA! it is a surprise!!

I do hope that you are doing okay, and everything. I know that we always update each other about the comings and going ons, and I do feel strange at not being able to contact you immediately. Camp ends at around 10.30pm every single day, so I have limited time to spare!!

Well, whatever it is, I do hope you are doing things that BOOST and UPLIFT your mood, and personal well being. I hope you’re trying out new foods, exploring new places and having quality time spent with your loved ones. I know loved ones can be really annoying, and they scold/compete or make things difficult for us. But they are part of us, and all these stems from concern and love. I don’t know what the situation is now, but I do hope you’re coping and conquering every single day. We are similar in personality, so I know I can reach out to you via this letter.

If you cannot sleep at night, just get up and pray. Or write out your thoughts. That’s what I do when I feel that I cannot contain it any more, and cannot tell anyone. Writing is such a form of release… I miss you Blur Buddy, but I know that I’ll see you in camp soon!!! I’ll be back sooner than you think!

Thank you for your continuous prayers and support. Your encouragements really uplift me. πŸ™‚ I feel stronger and more courageous to move on and do this camp that I set out to do earlier on in the months. And I cannot wait to step into a new phase of life with you!!! I’m so glad. Hehe.

Keep in touch!! I’ll be available on WA!! I think there is a lot of weird and strange food to try in China. Hahaha.


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