To: My Dad

Hello dad!!!

Well, it is Fathers’ Day, and we are up here in the mountains. I know that we don’t have much time to celebrate here, but it is indeed the coolest and most unique Fathers’ Day that I have ever spent with you. It’s a few more days before we can have our Mee Pok back. I can’t wait!!!

I am ever so grateful that you made this trip with me, and I am glad for your encouragement and support for these past few days. Without you I don’t know what I will do. 🙂 I know that the trip is hard and everything, but in all circumstances, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I think you’ll be able to connect well with the students, your Chinese is simply superb! All the same, I can’t wait to go back to SG!!

Thank you for sharing with me firsthand experiences, and teaching me to be a better person. Thank you for talking to me when you deem it fit, and giving me advice. Thank you for scolding me when you need to, and getting me out of my negativity. Thank you for being the one who asks me when I am sad, and being critical over things. It makes me higher my own expectations.

I have not been the best daughter in the world. I know I have not been. Thanks for dealing with my nonsense at times.At times I am negative… I push everyone away, or I am just moody and even rude. At times, I feel like giving up. But you would never give up on me. And you always try to be the best daddy you can be, even though your temper and your attitude gets in the way at times. I forgive all the mistakes, and I hope you forgive mine too. I am grateful to have you as a dad, and I do hope that you would always find and remember your CENTRE, your focal point, which is God.

All in all, I love you dad. ❤ God bless.


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