Adventures of the Burst Water Pipe.

Well, in the most ordinary day, the unexpected just happened. Hahaha.

Our back kitchen’s water pipe burst, and the water just came gushing out with no mercy. I had just came out of the shower, when I heard my brother shouting. To my horror, when I entered the kitchen, I saw that the back of it was flooding, and water was spurting out FURIOUSLY. It just wouldn’t stop. And so, as I stepped forward to help, I got my whole nightdress sprayed with a volley of tap water. The whole kitchen floor was so wet, it was practically a mini pond. I took 2 kitchen cloths and tried to wrap around the burst pipe, and my brother tried to tape it. We were both trying to speak to our parents on the phone with the gushing water in the background, and so we were practically shouting.

In my soaking Pajamas, I stumbled to my room and threw on new clothes.. Thank goodness the neighbour was in, Uncle Thomas. He offered to call Security for us when he saw the situation, and so the Security helped us turn off the main water supply. The gushing water faded to a dull drizzle… I tied the cloth there, and Jordan helped mop the floor. We took the soaked mats, clothes and cloth and dumped them into a pile. We kept the kitchen towels, and then mopped up the water into the drainage hole.

When the parents returned, they were partially panicky and angry with us screaming over the phone. But then they were glad we handled it. We had to wait quite a bit for the plumbing to be settled, and it allowed us to have water once again. :mrgreen:

Hahaha. My brother and I were laughing about it, and still are. XD

Well, it was an adventure for the day. A fond adventure that put us both in a crisis. I feel like laughing now hahaha. Now, if something like that happens in the future, we will be ready. 🙄


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