Another writing challenge was to post about a weird dream you had.

I have not been having any lately, but then I just had one yesterday. The horrible thing was that I could not sleep again… I was so tired, but my mind was awake. I kept trying to sleep, and when I finally did (at around 2.45am), I dreamed about something really weird.

I dreamed of going to an unspecified, unknown location… My starting point was in a place full of people, and yet I set off alone. The people told me that I would find something on the other side. On a bicycle. I cycled so fast, up and down and going into a winding road. The path was not brightly lit, and I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. I can’t even cycle that fast in real life for crying out loud. There was nature, trees and greenery all around me, and it was around dusk. I was afraid, but determined to reach my end point. It was a long arduous journey.

I was speeding faster and faster and faster in a whirl. The forest was already going into a blur. And then suddenly, I saw someone standing smack in the middle of the path. A road block. I couldn’t continue.

Who did I see?

Well, if you want a clue, that particular person is the one whom I have been missing the most.

It’s strange to think he was blocking my whole path. I could have hit him with my bicycle!! I screeched to a halt, and simply waited there. Like in real life, he had no hair, shaved… And he was wearing his military uniform. I didn’t know what to do. The person then gave me a long stare. He looked determined, but a bit sad, strangely, and he really had something on his mind. He really, and I mean really wanted to say something. He said my name, while looking at me straight in the eyes, with ‘Cass, I…..’ and before he could even say anything else, I WOKE UP. 



I mean this is about the first time where I could actually hear him say something in my dreams and everything. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER. Please. 😡

But alas, these kind of dreams only come once.

What does this mean… How would I know. Haha. But it was an interesting twist to my morning nonetheless. It reminds me of the song ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane. And that slightly creepy version of ‘once upon a dream’ by Lana Del Rey.

Hey, even I can’t see said person in real life that often, he sure haunts my dreams everywhere. Appearing in flashes, random places, but most of the time it’s a happy dream. it’s like a reprieve from all the nightmares and nonsense I have been dreaming about. Thank God. But seriously, he weaves in and out of my dreams.. Why???? Am I going crazy/mad?


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