A Day with Tiff!

Well, I had a really great day today!!!

I met up with one of my church friends, Tiff, for a walk + exploring + ice cream lunch frenzy. We walked around the whole of Botanic Gardens, and along the way we saw really nice swans, ducks and a whole flock of pigeons. I like watching birds. It makes me think of freedom, and arising to new beginnings. Thank God that it was really sunny for the whole afternoon. It really makes the nature walk enjoyable.

Black, Solitary, Beautiful.
    Black, Solitary, Beautiful.


Parks have always been attractive for me. It like strolling around, and enjoying nature. Seeing the blue sky, green grass and animals lurking around really uplifts my mood. I forget about the rush of the city, and just look at the simple little things. The ducks waddling around, the elegant swan…. I thank God there are such beautiful sights to see!! We walked and talked, and shared about a lot of stuff. I’m so glad she’s comfortable with me!!

However, I’m not that big a fan of jogging in the park… I saw couples jogging in the park. Hey maybe next time, I could do that with said special other, and it would increase my incentive to run outside tenfold. Hahaha.

We ate ice cream for lunch. Hahaha. I have never done that before, but hey it was a refreshing twist to savoury food. (don’t tell my mom haha). We sat there, soaked in sweat, yet enjoying the air con and everything. I felt really happy sitting there, I don’t know why. Tiff then told me she has a sweet tooth, and she’d gladly come here for lunch every once a week. Naomi is the other person who likes sweet food! Give her a hamburger and a chocolate cake, she’d opt for the chocolate cake. Go Figure. 😛

I had a nice waffle with cookies and cream. I don’t like ordering super small portions in front of my friends. After all, I don’t want them to feel bad for eating so much in front of me while I eat so little. I want them to feel that I am enjoying myself as much as they are. And hey, when you eat such meals you can just work it off or walk it off.

And then, we had this impromptu decision, of heading down to Tiong Barhu to walk. Tiong Barhu is a place that is now getting more known for it’s vintage looking cafes. We tried the Tiong Barhu Bakery today. The place is situated at Eng Hoon Street, and we used the handy GPS to find our way. It was unlike any place I’ve been. The closest would be Haiji Lane at Bugis. Tiff wanted to see the bakery, and so we walked around then sat there for a good 40 minutes.

Tiong Barhu Bakery boasts a cosy interior, and also, some good quality foods… Their Croissants are well known, and popular for its buttery and crispy interior. Also, they have interesting burgers such as Squid Ink burger (gosh the bun was like a charcoal colour). This was my first time there, and having had not been here before, I was instantly thrilled!!

The staff were really attentive and pleasant. When Tiffany couldn’t finish her Fruit Crumble, the cashier immediately put her unfinished pastry into a box and bag for her. And they listened attentively to our orders. Maybe they are so used to being busy, so they worked out the efficiency part and everything.  😀

If you want to come here, take the MRT to Tiong Barhu, and then take a bus down 1 stop. Walk across the road past the Block of Flats, and then continue walking till you see Eng Hoon Street. I’d recommend The Orange Thimble too, which is right next to Tiong Bahru Bakery.

During our chats, Tiffany was telling me about her recent NUS Law Camp. I was shocked to hear how liberal it sounded!!!! To think University camps were carried out this way!

They had a visit to a Club as part of the camp. She had gone, but thankfully there was a group of guys who didn’t club, so they sat together and played harmless card games in there. I couldn’t believe it. What if I was put in that situation? To go or not to go??

Going to a Club is not wrong wrong, but then it doesn’t feel right too. And yet, you cannot be a party pooper by not going, when the whole OG is. What will I do then??

My parents told me that it is my decision, and if I ever go inside, just order a ‘Mocktail’ and sit down. Tiffany said she felt so awful after she came home. She did not like Clubbing any one bit. She, like me is more introverted, and thus she also found camp quite exhausting.

There were a lot of guy-girl games. But if there ever is a game that looks a bit iffy or questionable, or makes me uncomfortable, I will say no or find excuses I guess. Haha. Tiff was smart when she didn’t agree to participate in some games. I could learn how to deal with these situations through her sharing, and also how to remain cool and calm about it… I’d rather know guys as friends first, not in such awkward situations. Being piggy-bagged by a guy I barely know?? Sitting on a guy’s shoulder? How awkward!!!!!!!!!! And it pricks my conscience, cuz I have not, have not gotten over that particular person who is so special to me. I don’t know… BUT… If I treat this as all good fun, I guess I can handle it. Ugh my conscience. When I like someone, that person is the only one. You know… This would make me feel so guilty and conflicted… (Yes I know you must be laughing at me now, cuz I am supposed to embrace a new phase in my life. But………Something tells me that the old door to the person of my past hasn’t particularly closed yet)

As for drinking games, Tiff said they used Vodka. So… Maybe I’d be smart and drink a cup instead of gulping huge amounts, like some of the girls did.

I’m sorry if I sound so conservative.. but I really think that I should stick to my morals. And in these iffy situations, I would try to plan how to get around it, or deal with it coolly. Hopefully I’d make some good friends, and have some introverted people in the group too!! I’d pray that there would be a good group. And I also hope that I would be able to KNOW how to handle such situations when it arises. Having a good reputation, and standing up to what you believe it is important… Be wise as a serpent, and as gentle as a dove. 😉

I’m so glad that I can open up to Tiff, since she thinks in roughly the same wavelengths. She told me that she found me easy to talk to… I find her non-judgemental, she feels the same.. I guess both of us got a fair share of bullying before, and I think it taught us this: Don’t judge.. Since you don’t want ANYONE to feel that way you did. I’m so happy I can share this in peace with someone, and have her experience the same thing before.



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