Dempsey Hill: The Getaway

Yesterday, I had a really good time with 2 of my good friends at the most unlikely place ever. Dempsey Hill.

You must be thinking: What?? Where? Dempsey? Does that exist?

Yes. It is a quaint little spot that is preferably reached by car, but due to the lack of cars, and of course the fact that 2 of us are only learner drivers, we had to go by public transport. We decided, that we would just figure our way there, and go for it. We had this random idea to try out that place. 💡

It was our little adventure and getaway from the hustle and bustle. Armed with a handy Google Maps on the iPhone, and of course the bus route, we made our way to Dempsey. It is a small road along the way to Town, near the Tanglin Gate of Botanics.


Take to Holland Village MRT. Exit the MRT and walk along the row of shops, past the Starbucks, Fosters and there would be a bus stop and an overhead bridge. Cross that Bridge, and then walk to the bus stop opposite. That is the bus stop. Take bus 75.

Stop at the ‘Opp Pierce Road‘ Bus stop. Walk over from the overhead bridge and then see the sign ‘Dempsey Road’. Yup, you got it. 🙂

We felt like we were on a holiday there. Dempsey is not very conventional. Westerners and regulars who visit this place know it for this rather unique set up. The shops are all one-level, amongst large patches of grass and a whole lot of side roads and parking lots. It isn’t very friendly for passer-bus who stroll in, but then it is mostly adults who come here. There are bars, quaint antique shops and also some fine restaurants. The famous JUMBO seafood is here as well.

We first stopped over at Ben & Jerry’s. Van satisfied her ice cream crave there, ordering huge piles of Couch Potato, and 2 other chocolate flavours. It is a Ben & jerry’s that is quite unique. The aroma of waffles and brownies envelop the whole counter, so you’d be tempted to buy it there. The shop is dimly lit, in a comfortable cafe like way. It makes the place so relaxing somehow.

Cosy Counter.
Cosy Counter.

It is quiet, and the unique thing is how this place looks like an antique book cafe, tucked away in a remote area. There is a side counter offering other foods like onion rings and even martinis. That is another shop to its name. We could see adults leisurely drinking martinis and enjoying the sofas and causal flair of the whole place.

Peace, Love, Ice Cream.
Peace, Love, Ice Cream.
Vintage, comfortable.
Vintage, comfortable.


It should be a really good spot to go to for Free Cone Day. After all, it isn’t that well known yet… 😉 Feel free to pop by here, and maybe you can go for multiple rounds of Free Cone.

After that, we went over to Dome Cafe for some tea.. Ya Fan ordered a veggie sandwich, I ordered a Carrot Cake to share, and Vanessa ordered mushroom soup. This Dome outlet had an air of class. The yellow lights gave a rather warm feeling, and it feels like a cafe that you’d hit overseas. It did not feel like Singapore. We felt all our worries fade into a distance when we stepped in.


The carrot cake was light and moist, with a lot of nuts in it. The cheese was mildly sour, reminding me of cheesecake batter.



The staff here are also very friendly, so it really reminds me of an overseas cafe, similar to an Australian one that my family visited for breakfast once. I really liked the atmosphere here. 3 of us had a lovely time, talking and catching up over things. We could eat leisurely, since there is no pressure here. Some cafes give you that rushed feeling when they dump the food on your table and expect you to finish things quickly. Not here. Not at all.

3 of us went on a photo-taking frenzy after that. First in the Dome cafe itself, at the swing at Ben and Jerry’s, and randomly along the road. We had a lot of fun, and it felt like we were away from everything we knew.

It is always nice to have an outing like that, where you can just forget about everything else for the moment. Moreover, with fewer people around, it feels less pressurising. It’s just like a holiday, in a random quaint street in Singapore. If you really want to run away somewhere to relax and unwind, here is a good place. After work, you could come here for a casual martini or something. JUMBO seafood, and there is Margaritas too!! The famous Mexican joint.

I’d gladly come here again, even if it is slightly inconvenient. Cuz for now, I sometimes need an escape away from everything I know, just to be with people I appreciate. All of us were happy and relaxed when we walked out of the place. Time doesnt seem to tick there. I felt like the time was passing by without my knowledge. We should celebrate a birthday here or something. It is like Pasarbella, with a different twist. I has more open air, nature and the calmness and serenity of a park (besides the cars haha)  Food here is more pricey, so it’s better to come with parents. Or with a higher budget to spend. ^^’

So here is Dempsey Hill for you: Mini Getaway and Foodie Paradise. 🙄


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