Le Cuisine.

It was my 1st time trying French Food today!!

Vanessa brought me to China Town point, to an outlet called Le Cuisine. It is on the moderate range of the price scale. Having a slightly above average ambience, and having it been founded by chef Daniel Koh, I guess it is slightly above any ordinary cafe. However, we came in walking with sandals, slippers (for Van) and she was wearing an Outward Bound shirt. I was wearing singlets. So yes, you could say we were slightly underdressed for such a place. Haha. But still, it was fun anyway.

After several occasions of eating humble hawker food, this was a really huge difference for us. We usually eat simply, but today was an indulgence in itself. Yum!

The menu is affordable, and the soup of the day today, came at half price. Vanessa and I exchanged soups occasionally. She ordered the corn soup, which was sweet and creamy. The mushroom soup was not bad too. It reminded me of something earthy, and there were crunchy bits of garlic bread in the soup. The Soup of the Day is indeed worth it, being $3.50 (half price) for promotion. The bread that went alongside Van’s soup was a strange tasting bread. It was crunchy, and yet a really salty taste, with a tinge of lemon. It was not garlic bread definitely. I have no idea what it was!

Soup for Two!

There are so many things on the menu. There is Foie Gras, which is duck. But I don’t really like the way the ducks are killed for Foie Gras, so I don’t approve of eating such a dish. I have read somewhere how they force feed ducks via a pump (stuck right into their throats) until they are overstuffed and too full to walk, and after which they are slaughtered, since they are unable to run away. I usually do not advocate for foods like that, especially for food that was killed in such a cruel way!! (sorry to Foie Gras lovers out there hehe)

And yes, they served escargot on the menu, which are cooked snails…. Snails. Well, I am not that adventurous, so I didn’t order that. Hahaha. There was a crab meat burger, and I was choosing between that and the grilled dory. I decided on the grilled dory, and Van and I decided to share an appetiser: Crab meat rolls.


These reminded me of fried prawn rolls, those Chinese ones that we always eat at the hawker centre stores. This was probably inspired by that, and it tasted crunchy, but slightly soft. The outside was this crunchy batter of flour, and the sauce at the side was this citrus based orange/lemon thing. Van told me that it tasted like a tropical fruit. Something refreshing and soothing after eating a whole wad of fried food. I have not eaten anything like this before.

The fish dish that I tried was the grilled dory. It was delicious!!! It was served under a bed of cabbage. The sauce was light and clean, though they did not have the bacon pieces that the menu said they had. I preferred it this way, since the fish and cabbage was already good enough. The cabbage was soaked in the sauce, and the fish was crispy on the outside. I have always liked grilled dory. It is one of those ‘Go-To’ foods in restaurants. However, it is pretty light, so you can save your appetite for desserts and other dishes.


Vanessa tried a chicken ragout.. It is basically spaghetti, with Bolognese. I like those kind of dishes too, since they are warm, full and really filling. Her pasta looked good, and she finished the whole plate without complaint, so I guess it does taste very good. 🙂

The picture that is not featured here would be the Chocolate Trio. We shared one pudding, and it was really rich inside. The top was rich dark chocolate, and the base was white chocolate. There were bits of fruit inside, and I stumbled upon a grape in it. For chocolate lovers, it’s pretty rich. The next time we come, perhaps we would try the Chocolate Cake. It looks like a huge lava cake, with ice cream at the side.

I’m happy for so many foodie adventures with this particular friend of mine. We never run out of places to explore, and things to talk about. Happy food for a happy tummy.



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