I just received updates about my church friend who has cancer.

Just last year, during our A-Level period, our whole age group was told, that he had been struck with cancer. Brain cancer.

He almost went into a coma recently, after there was a build up of fluid in his brain. He had to get it drained out, and he lost consciousness (thank God he was around in church) and now, he is undergoing chemotherapy… He has to go for chemotherapy every single week. It makes him tired and weak.

Our mentors put his treatment as a way to, ‘Reduce the cancer cells, and extend his time with us, but not for recovery.’

He is not going to recover. Is there any way? Is there any cure??? He can’t recover? I can’t… It is terminal. And I just got to know this Bro-in-Christ better this year and last.

My mom told me that there are 2 types of cancer patients. One is that they respond badly to chemotherapy, and the cancer fights back with full force. The 2nd type is that the patient recovers and rebounds quickly. I can only hope that he is the latter.

He still comes for our group’s Bible Study. But he brings a separate container of food with him, since he cannot eat the food that normal people eat. He wears a beanie over his head, to probably cover up the work and scars of the surgeries, and for the baldness of his scalp. And yet he still comes every week, clinging onto God’s word. He is brave. The bravest friend I know.

Our age group discussed about it, and we would take turns to visit him every week. He prays for us everyday, and I think I should be praying for him everyday too. His life is a daily struggle. The constant fear of dying, or seeing his family members and friends in pain. He is a really quiet person,he does not share much. It was only through the mentors that we found out about his condition. I was appalled. I thought he was getting better. And yet again, I don’t know. When would the cancer take over? Only God would know the exact timing.

But in the meantime, while he is still fighting, I will do something. I was thinking of writing him a card, but I would have to think about what to say. And what should the card look like? Maybe I should buy one of those at Paper Market, and they have great designs. While he is still around, making an effort counts. He needs to know that all of us care. That his family cares. That I care. He’s my friend…. I don’t want to regret not reaching out when I still can.

He still has a full life to live, and I only hope that God would give him a chance to do that. To complete his A-levels, to start NS, to graduate from university. To find someone special. To go overseas, and see the world. To do all the little everyday things in life that make life special. To just have an ordinary day, with the people he loves.

I’ll keep him in prayer, and whoever who is reading this right now, I pray that you would help too. Prayer is powerful, we just need to have faith.

It’s Mothers’ Day this Sunday, and I am also planning on what to do for her. Maybe we can take her out for a meal, and surprise her. We have to ensure that she is not aware we are planning it. I am still working it out. But one thing I know is, I would make it a point to celebrate every time, cuz it is the period to appreciate the moms who love us, and give us everything without expecting anything in return. When I am moody or don’t want to talk, she gives me my space. When I’m happy, she celebrates with me. When I am down, she cheers me up. Who can ask for a better mother? I shall work something out.

It is good to appreciate and give to the ones that you love. I am going to do that. For my family, for my friends, for relatives, for the people that I love.I will try…


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