About Animals: Peace, love, and Animals

On our 5th day in Taipei, we decided to fulfil our vegan friend’s wishes to visit About Animals.


It is a really small cafe that is locked away at Wan Long Station. We decided to head there later in the afternoon, after the expedition to the Museums. Eunice & I had rejoined Amanda & Say Yian there, and we got ushered into a cosy spot in the cafe. Ya Fan, the brave one, decided to embark on her own trips to more museums. Though she is vegetarian too, I guess she had her own plans in mind on that day. We missed her there!!!

At the Entrance, we saw this strange looking sight. It was a ball of string weaved to look like an animal of some sort, and it was tied to some red strings, with some Leather Items on the floor. The animal was hanging from an awkward angle, and I felt really uncomfortable. It was meant to say that leather killed innocent critters like them. All of us were kinda scared of that image. But it sent a strong message.

The whole area is really quaint. There are Animal Posters EVERYWHERE, and it made the whole place feel very Pro Animal indeed. There were strong messages on them, such as ‘Stop Eating Meat’, and pictures of chicks, cows and pigs being cruelly treated. The posters made a neat collage around the walls. There was a wall of posters and the menu, written in Chalk. It gave the cafe a younger, more pleasant feel somehow. Maybe I just like cafes like that. πŸ™‚ Haha.

Pretty posters. It feels cosy.
Pretty posters. It feels cosy.


This time, Amanda & Eunice shared a Tofu Burger. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a burger that was made with Tofu Filling. It was really a piece of Tofu, slabbed in between lettuce, bread and tomatoes. It tasted pretty ordinary, but I wished that the tofu meant that it was made into a tofu patty, with a crispy crunch. Those are the tofu burgers I especially like, and it also doesn’t taste like tofu either. They serve each burger with a side of fruits and fries. The fruits are fresh, so we enjoyed them greatly. I’m not a big fan of Kiwi and Orange in its raw form, I rather have pure Orange Juice. So I traded my kiwis and oranges with (more and more) apples from my friends. I took Say Yian’s stir fried onions too. πŸ˜›

I ordered a Kimchi Burger. Yes, there were Kimchi pieces on top of this crispy patty. When I bit into the patty, I tasted tofu. Yes, this was the patty I was looking for, but it was in the Kimchi Burger. How strange…. But I enjoyed my burger anyway. I tried Say Yian’s one too… Overall, I like hers best! Kimchi is nice, but the only dislike I had was the raisins in the bread. Somehow, I don’t like raisins. And what’s more, it made the bread sweet. So whenever I bit into the burger, I had this nice crunchy salty patty, then suddenly a sweet taste from the raisins. It was really confusing, and soon I gave up and started plucking the raisins out of the bread. And then eventually I just took the whole top of the burger off, and simply ate the kimchi and patty. Whoops.


We sat at the cafe for a long long time. And the best part was that it was so quiet. There is no Service Charge as well, so we paid for the exact amount that we saw on the menu. Mine was 220 NT.

I now see why 2 of my friends turned Vegetarians (1 vegan). It is indeed painful, to realise that eating meat causes the suffering of these animals. For me, I don’t mind eating vegetarian sometimes, and I also understand… Killing something innocent doesn’t feel good. And I don’t like how they kill chickens and cows. If I was in the animal’s place, I can’t do anything. Helpless. That’s all… And with a swish of knives, bloody floors and I’m gone. That’s it to my life, after being stuffed in a cage (with fellow suffering comrades) with no light and poor food.

That’s why I support my friends. For me, I’m more of a ‘flexitarian‘. I don’t mind eating vegetarian, and yet I also enjoy seafood (not so much of red meat and stuff). It’s also to be more sensitive to my friend’s needs on both ends. Some friends like meat on varying levels, some don’t. And I am in-between. But one thing I know, is that I totally do not agree with Shark’s Fin. It’s awful and cruel to kill sharks just because of their fins. To kill something to satisfy our cravings is really selfish.

A delicacy? More like a massacre…

Of course, I cannot say this to my relatives. They love Sharks’ Fin Soup!! And often times, I have to face it during wedding dinners, special occasions and the like. 😦 When I was young, I was ‘allowed’ to act more whiny about it, since they would think that I was merely crying because I was picky about food or something. But no, I didn’t want to eat sharks’ fin because I think people have the totally wrong idea about sharks! Sharks aren’t as bloodthirsty as we think they are. I don’t think they mean to tarnish their image. Sure, they attack people, but the chances of that are rare. So if people are saying that sharks like to kill us, I don’t think so. I don’t approve of it, and I’d rather not eat that bowl of soup.

This cafe, is like a stand up, for helpless animals like these. For vegans/vegetarians traveling to Taiwan, this is a ‘Go-To’ place… πŸ™‚ Hope that you guys would stop by and visit this cafe.


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