Taipei Day 3: Miniature Museum

One of the mini go-to places in Taipei, would be the miniature museum of Taiwan.

It is located at Nanjing E Road, and it requires you to walk a rather long distance before reaching the place. Walk in the direction of a huge long bridge, and at its junction, turn left. Continue walking along that road, and with the help of a friendly passer-by, we located the building. It looked like an unlikely place to hold a museum, but there it was.

It is located at Basement 1, and there is a Student Fare if you bring the card (Foreign Student passes are accepted too). You can also purchase a passport at the counter, that allows you to stamp for each country exhibit that you head off to. There are countries all over, from UK to US, Italy, Japan, Italy and more!! We were thrilled the minute we stepped into the entrance.

The place was a sight to behold. There were miniatures of all types. From buildings to Disney Characters, and beautiful houses. There were some luxurious looking furnishes of houses, with mini versions of a Grand Piano, Chandelier and all. There were a few Barbie Dolls at the entrance as well, with different outfits. Each exhibit is beautifully carved and made, and they each have a tale. So feel free to stamp your passport, take pretty pictures (without flash though) and pose with your favourite miniatures.

10152509_10201718584035842_3470152532425257006_n 1900033_10201718599556230_4260299418419157381_n

The one on above is my favourite, where it showed rows and rows of Soldiers guarding a lofty castle. These are those British soldiers, marching in unison along the line. Speaking of London, I would like to go there someday. Haha. There was also an exhibit of the Buckingham Palace, which is also a sight to see.


Your Disney Fairytales come to live, with some of the exhibits. There would be Alice in Wonderland, and even Snow White. It made me remember those times that girls liked to think they were princesses, and dressed and watched Disney shows. My favourite princess of that time would be Aurora for her beauty, and Ariel for her courage.

We were not disappointed, and we all made some purchases of our own miniatures at the shop. There are many food miniatures, so feel free to choose some to bring back. There are also postcards, coasters and wood carvings for your viewing pleasure.

So don’t forget to drop by and see this mini kingdom of Exhibits. Sure, they look small, but they are certainly not a sight to be missed!


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