Roti Alkar: North Indian Food with a Twist.

After much delay, I’ve finally come up with the post about my dinner with Say Yian last Wednesday!!

We ate at Roti Alkar’s Kitchen. It is a North Indian cafe that sells affordable, and good food. 

I go to West Coast Plaza a lot, and often times I passed by this shop. It didn’t catch my eye, and my family often patronised places like Thai Express, Sushi Tei and the like. That little store near Cold Storage didn’t seem to be something we would eat. Yet, it surprised me greatly. 

The place doesn’t look like much. But the food is another story. Being a vegan friendly store, it was thus a new go-to for my friend, since she often lamented how West Coast Plaza isn’t vegetarian-friendly. Here, almost everything has a vegan label sign. As such, you would easy know what is vegan or not. 

What’s more, the staff are friendly. The owner spoke to us, and Say Yian could query about the ingredients used. Often times, the menu is really confusing, so her suggestions really helped. She made sure that the food prepared was vegan, and that really matters a lot. 🙂 

There are so many things on the menu! From the famous wraps, to curries, rice, satay, prata and starters. We decided to try eggplant curry, since Say Yian had tried a curry before and liked it. 

I’m not a big fan of eggplant, but the curry made the eggplant soft and really smooth. I like curry in general, and it appealed to both my friend and I. She took out this huge pink camera to take snapshots of the food, since she blogs about food, and healthy eats. Life of a blogger does look good doesn’t it. If only we could do this for a living!



It has this pleasant bright orange colour. It is really small, but enough for 2 people to share. We ate this along with a starter, which was a mix of the famous wraps. This was the mini version of the wraps, and it allows you to try different flavours at a time. 


You would be surprised to know that these are vegan. The ‘meat’ is actually mock meat, and yet it tastes really good. You wouldn’t even know that it is not meat. In fact, it is tofu, or other proteins like beans. Each bite was satisfying, and it was better with the curry, since the wrap itself is dry. There were vegetables and the mock meat in there, so it was a nice blend. What’s more, there were some that were spicy. That’s great. You can choose the level of spiciness too, so don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of spice. 🙂 

You can even get a free lemonade drink if you like their Facebook Page!!! I checked in, followed the instructions and got a free lemonade. It is a cooling lemonade, not sweet and it is a rather unique flavour. I don’t know how to describe it, since it was the first ever lemonade that I have ever tried that tastes like this. Why not give it a shot? A huge cup of cold drink after a spicy meal is a great way to wash down the food. 


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