Capri Adventure.

Yesterday night my family and I went into this little restaurant called Capri.

Its address is Capri Rest, 3 Binjai Park. That’s located in Bukit Timah Singapore. My family decided to come here on recommendation of one of my dad’s friends. As such, we decided to embark on this little foodie adventure. You know, my family love foodie escapades. Like we would go somewhere tucked away in the middle of nowhere, and find a sweet spot.

I cabbed there, since I was coming from a Bible Study Class. The taxi driver brought me along a whole lot of twists and turns, which reminds me of those suburban homes overseas. It looks tucked away from the whole world. It didn’t feel like Singapore.

If you don’t know where Capri is, it’s actually this little island that sits in Sorrento, Italy. We took a ferry there during one of our trips, and one thing about that place, is that it has lemons. The whole place is OBSESSED with lemons. Paintings of lemons, limoncello (that’s an alcoholic beverage in Italy, 30% alcohol weight age and of course, lemon) and lemon chocolates. My bro and I were allergic to the lemon chocolates, so we broke out in hives. I don’t know what was in there, but maybe it’s the wine? Or the ingredients? perhaps the 30% alcohol content was too strong for us haha.

This little town is along the sea, so it is beautiful. The streets sit atop the cliffs, and we had to take a tram up. This restaurant is similar in ambience to the cafes in Capri. Even the food tastes like Italian. The pizzas are wood-oven ones, and they have an actual fireplace and all. The owner is from Milan, which probably explains the whole concept of authenticity and everything.

I tried this ‘Paperbag’ pasta. Which was a whole bowl of pasta, in a huge bag. It was a seafood one, and with a unique pasta shape. I love trying weird new pasta shapes. In Italy I would try to find the weirdest shapes of pasta. I’m adventurous in that way. Ribbon shaped ones, ones that looked like the Asian noodles in Singapore. Some were like sea shells, others wrapped with meat and cheese. Gnocchi… Yum. It was savoury, in a white wine sauce. Heavy, but the seafood was really fresh. Yummy!


Next up, was dessert. Our family tried two types, Tiramisu and the famous LEMON CAKE. (yes, yet another lemon product haha).

The lemon cake was a warm kind of cake. Those that you eat and instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside. There is the distinct lemon flavour, and the cake is dry. So you must eat it with the cream at the side. It adds this new twist to everything.


The tiramisu was so soft. It is so gooey and soft inside, when you dip you spoon into it. I like how it looks like a cup, where it’s toasting to everyone eating it. Oozing goodness. My family preferred the tiramisu, since it was not too sweet, and also moist. Almost like a fudge. Or pudding. I don’t know which.


Looking to more family adventures like this! 🙂


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