Another Great Day

I had fun today. 🙂

Today, Andrea and I were getting REALLY bored being stuck in the dungeon eating our lunches, so we excused ourselves from the office colleagues, and we moved up to sit in the lounge. We had this mega long Heart to Heart talk there..

We each posed questions to each other, about what we thought of certain things, and we ended up telling stories. My holiday adventure in Australia, how Andrea loved the playground when she was young. How each of our parents met… It was cool.

I’ve never been so honest with someone in this span of time… Especially to someone who hasn’t been with me during those moments when I went through them.

It made me discover a few things about myself too… I then answered my own questions of why I behaved in certain ways towards such things.. I finally unpacked the secret of why I was so skeptical and didn’t really hang around guys last time.

It was all the bad things of the past. Being labelled as ugly, stupid etc by guys, having been made fun of, ignored, and that hurtful experience of getting crushed by your first ever crush. All those mean things that they did, really made me withdraw from talking to guys at all. I was so afraid of talking to them, since I was always judged for my appearance. All I knew of it was to be bitten and bruised. I felt self conscious, shy, and sceptical when talking to them, and I tried to keep things at a distance…

Over time I realised I was wrong about them, since in JC the guys were way nicer. I’m still not completely comfortable, but I’m really happy to talk to them. If someone said something nice, I didn’t really know how to respond, since I haven’t had this experience at all. It did feel good that some made an effort to strike up a conversation, unlike last time, where all you got was a cold stare, or ignorance.

But I’m not letting that affect me anymore.. 🙂 It’s good to have shared this with her, and also find out the reason on my part.

We did this sharing thing for a long while, and after we finished our quota for the day we decided to walk around the vicinity, talking and planning of fun things to do. It was fun.. We were so giggly after lunch, we had a hard time settling down back to work after that. Hehe.

At dinner I went with my friends to Haiji Lane! Amelia, Ya Fan and Eunice attended this outing. I have never been there before, so it was a whole new experience for me.

The lanes were packed and full of shops that I’ve never heard of. It’s one alley way, with many shophouse shops at the sides. There were pubs and bars at one end, and in between were these lovely clothes shops. We checked out some of these before and after dinner, they had pretty clothes. I’d come here sometime again to shop. There was also an amazing cafe that we came across, how nice it would be to be able to work in a place like this. 🙂

We tried this cafe, called I Am Cafe. It was at at the corner of Haiji Lane, and it was PACKED with people. It was so stuffy and hot waiting in this weather, so by the time we got a seat we were all sweaty and hot. But the ambience was relaxing, I wish there was Air Con though. Hehe.


I tried this fish burger there, and it was pretty nice.. Not amazing or special, but it just tasted good. I also liked the way they presented it, by putting it on this wooden board. 🙂


And here is the finale!!! THE RAINBOW CAKE. One thing about the I Am cafe, is its CAKES. The red velvet and the rainbow cake are good things to try. I know rainbow cakes are really tedious and hard to do, so this one was really pretty. It is $8.90 per slice, and so I decided to treat them to this slice of colourful goodness. The rainbow cake is like a thank you to them. Like a rainbow, my friends colour my life with good things. It tasted pretty ordinary, but the colour was the amazing eye catching part. It was indeed a wonderful way to end the day.



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