One of the Best Birthdays Ever.

It has been an amazing day.

Today was a typical day at the office, with a huge twist.

I turned 19 today!!!!! 🙂 I’m really so very glad that the Lord has blessed me thus far.

When the clock hit midnight, the first thing I did was to do Quiet Time with the Lord. I thought that it was meaningful to spend the FIRST seconds of your birthday praying and seeking God’s word out. I prayed, and thanked him for blessing me this year. For giving me this life, a chance to experience, live, laugh, cry and have the ability to love. The ability to share with others, and to have people around me who love me just the way I am.

The morning was spent quietly with a nice breakfast with the family. I get those silly moments where I would think: This is the first thing I am eating as a 19 year old. The first dress up…The first time I’m going for work, and the first time I’m brushing my teeth… And so on and so forth. It’s funny that way. 😛

What made work bearable was many many factors. Throughout the day, my phone received numerous sweet long messages, be it at midnight, morning, afternoon, even towards the evening. I appreciated every single one of them. It’s especially amazing when your friends text you at midnight, there is a special novelty in that. That they bothered to stay up and message you at that exact same moment. I love long messages too, those that matter. It touches me. I don’t need a lot to be happy, just this. :’)

Andrea gave me the biggest and sweetest surprise of the day. She started off with presenting me this box of cards. Each card had a time on it. 1am, 2am, noon time, 1pm etc. The cards clocked the whole 24 hour period of the day. It was so awesome, since I had the anticipation of opening one more card with each passing hour. Each card had these lovely snippets of messages written on them. Sweet, touching and fun at the same time. It really must have taken a long time to do, so I am ever thankful and touched.

Another surprise came up during lunch hour, when she suddenly disappeared from the group. All of us had no clue where she went, so I just went downstairs to eat my lunch. And suddenly, she cam striding in with this Starbucks Lava Cake!! it was hot, steaming and oozing with chocolate!!! All my colleagues burst out singing into a song, and I could have an imaginary candle blowing session. It was like a brownie dream come true. I finished it over the course of the day, such that the laptop began to have small chocolate stains on it, and I had to wipe them away. Doesn’t it look amazing!!!


When my family picked me up in the evening, I was already ecstatic. 🙂 They brought me to a Mexican Food place, called Margaritas. I tried a HUGE fish burrito today, it was really bursting with sauce, and peppers. It was so filling, but satisfying at the same time. The whole ambience of the restaurant is authentic, with the paintings of Mexican dancers decorating the walls. Soft jazz music was playing in the background. My family presented me with a nice card. They each wrote a message on it, so I pored through it carefully after reaching home. Thank God for such a supportive family, I’m thankful and grateful they took time to bring me out. It made the end of work ever more joyful and happy. It was something to look forward to at the end of the day…


This was the huge dessert that my family tried to tempt me with, but I was way too full to stomach it. 😛


I love poring through the letters given to me by my friends, and also the funky presents. Amelia presented me with a HUGE graduation bear, and what’s more it’s Rilakumma! It kind of reminded me that I was moving on to a new stage in my life, and that I had to move on to new Horizons. My church friends presented me with lovely Christian Bible verses and Guide Books. It really helps to have people in Christ walking alongside you like this. It makes the journey more bearable.

Thank God for friends. 🙂


What’s more, mum presented me with the SMU early admissions letter today. 😀

I’m really stoked to have gotten it, and thankful for the opportunity.

It was a great day thus far. In this last hour, all I want to do is have a heart of thanksgiving.

Here’s to all the upcoming days ahead. For the record, this was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.


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