19 Wishes.

I’ll be nineteen soon.

Here’s to the wishes for the upcoming phase ahead.

1. Treasure your youth, it only comes once. And it’s the last year I’ll ever be a youth again. (Young Adult coming up)

2. Be joyful, in all circumstances. For the joy comes from God.

3. Love God, love others, love oneself.

4. Have New Beginnings, and a purpose in life.

5. Taking things that come, and tackling them as I go. Doing the best of my ability, to bless people around me. To tackle the new university life, and work.

6. Walking in Faith, to places I know not of.

7. To treasure all I have, be it precious moments, family, friends.

8. Love friends, old and new. I’ll do all I can.

9. Be tougher, stronger, in the mind. Don’t give in to adversity. Learn from mistakes.

10. Do things without expecting anything in return.

11. Serve the Lord with all my heart. Be it during Scripture Reading, Worship or TDG.

12. Be more outward looking, and be at the interests of others.

13. Put less blame on others and oneself.

14. Have more self control.

15. Enjoy the time ahead, and have many happy moments to create.

16. Have a new goal in mind, to accomplish something new.

17. To stick to the things I have committed to.

18. To love when it is hard, to pray during the darkest hours.

19. To enjoy life, and live it well.

You Only Live Once. But if you do it well, once is enough.

Thank God for blessing me thus far.


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