Nam Nam: As Good as it sounds?

Tried this Vietnamese Outlet called Nam Nam today. πŸ™‚

I heard that it was famous and had good reviews. Everyone talks about it, and there are always long queues stretching out of the door. There are branches at Raffles City, Wheelock Place and Suntec City.

As such, the family decided to brave the queues and try out this outlet. Was it really as good as everyone said? Let’s take a look at the details shall we!

First off, was the system. Since the outlet is always crowded, they would only allow a 4 person table to be allocated to the family if there are at least 3 members present. As such, with only my mom and I present during that time, we were unable to have a seat.

As a result, we waited for around 1 hour just to sit down. My dad and brother came in much later, so we had to stand there, being unable to leave since we would have to rejoin the queue piling at the back. It was weird standing at the side. After you had the seat, you still needed to queue to order, and pay. It wasn’t really a restaurant setting. It’s more of the pay-first-then-eat, which is found in small cafes, or casual dining.

The place was also rather claustrophobic, with many tables squeezed together. It seemed they wanted as many people to sit in the place as possible.

I tried the Beef Ball Noodles, and it was kinda average. The soup was a bit diluted, and the meat was a bit tough. Maybe it’s the way they boiled the meat balls in the soup. There was nothing else besides the soup, meatballs and spring onions.


Next up, there were a few starters. The ones we tried was the Sugarcane Prawn, and it was just fried batter. It wasn’t spectacular or anything. Pretty normal. I thought they looked pretty cute though. The nice part is holding it up like a popsicle stick. Yum.


The next starter that we tried was this Vegetarian Spring Rolls. These were nice, since the rolls came in piping hot, with a crunch. When we bit into it, it was just veggie sensation. The veggie spilled out when you bit into the crispy batter skin.


Besides that, the order of the dishes came in wrong. The noodles came before the starters, which was a little weird since the mini bites should come first? Personal Opinion here. Hehe. πŸ™‚

Overall, it was pretty average… It’s good for a Quick Bite, but not a place that I would frequent often for its supposed novelty and price.


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