Lyn’s Cakes

Today I decided to visit this cafe with my mom.

Since Andrea is working there, I decided to hop by and try out their cakes. It’s located at 11 Eng Kong Terrace, so it’s something like a sweet spot in the middle of nowhere. It’s quaint, quiet and amazing.

We tried their carrot cake. It was so moist, and light. It felt good eating it, since it wasn’t a dry hard cake. There was orange peel used in this cake, and the overall wasn’t too sweet. It was delightful! Moreover, the cafe is small and quaint, so there is hardly any noise, or people around. It’s a great place to chill and read books. Not bad for studying too, if they permit. 😛


I also tried a drink there, called Mocha Latte. It isn’t sweet, since I think they used dark chocolate to make the coffee. It’s a dark brown colour, and it has the good earthy taste of coffee. It’s a good blend with the sweeter cake. Having sweet cake and sweet coffee is like diabetes in a bowl.

It had this pleasant sprinkle of chocolate or coffee powder (i’m not sure) on top of the foam. I always like coffee with foam, it’s bubbly, funky and fun!!! 😀


I’m glad my mom came along with me. She’s equally excited to try new cafes and seek out delicious cakes. Our common favourites are cheesecakes and carrot cakes. We’d choose that over a chocolate cake any day. Eggless cakes are good too, since they don’t carry the heaviness of eggs in the base, and it’s healthier too.

It was the first time my mom saw Andrea!!! Though she was working, she could sneak out and say hello for a while. I’m really happy when my mom meets my friends, since I’d like her to see these people who mean a lot to me. I like my mom to know who I’m hanging out with, who I’m in regular contact with… It’s fun. And my mom would do the same for me. And with mom, I cheer up, no matter what. She’s always giving me good advice, and she gives me an adult’s perspective of everything. It helps me see things clearer, and struggles I go through make sense.

Hope you’ll visit this cafe soon!!! It’s worth trying, and they sell mean biscuits. No kidding. Give it a try someday. 😉


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