What a Crackle!!!

I’ve always loved Skinny Pizza.

It is the one pizza place that I don’t mind going to, since it has light crispy crusts, and earthy good food. They have pastas, burgers and other sides but the main star are the pizzas. It feels good, and light eating them.

Pizzas are usually thick, oozing with cheese, and with things like roasted pineapples, onions and meat. The whole thing is baked, and when you eat it it’s really oily and greasy. It gets everywhere. The cheese slides around, the toppings drop, your fingers are a mess with the sauce. And after that finger licking good, comes the aftermath: BLOATED-NESS. I feel really sick after eating overly oily food. That’s why I never really liked eating Mac’s or fried food. Occasional fried food along the side is okay, but then a huge pizza. And fried chicken wings. I’ll feel really ill.

That’s why Skinny Pizza was the huge sensation. The thing different is that they prefer to serve their veggies a little more raw, and the whole crust isn’t spread and baked with cheese. The base depends on the type of Pizza you order. If it is a meatball one, the sauce is tomato sauce. If you ordered the spinach one, the base was cheese. And not melted cheese. Slices, and little wedges. It’s like finding treasure troves in your food. The veggies feel so crunchy, and so fresh. I feel good eating them.

There were several ones I tried.

One is a Spinach and Egg pizza, and it is full of veggies. Don’t be scared by the huge leafy greens, it tastes pretty good. And one pizza can be shared. Amongst a few people. It was awesome, since every bite you took had that nice egg flavour, and the richness of the spinach. The crunch was satisfying too, since the crust is light, airy and it feels like a paperweight biscuit. Who said veggies didn’t taste good? πŸ™‚


Another one was the Squid Ink pizza.

This one looked a bit scary since it was black colour and the sauce was also this greyish tint. Yet, it tasted really good. The sauce was amazing, and we enjoyed eating the little bits of squid hanging around here and there. The onions were fresh, and had that sharp taste that I like in raw onions. As they say, what a crackle!


The sides to try would be Truffle Fries. It’s cooked with truffle oil, so it’s less guilty, and yet tastes so good!!! Alas, sharing this plate of fries is the better option.

Their desserts are a hit too!! So far, the carrot cake I enjoy most would be here!!! The cheese is a little sour, with a tinge of lemon. The carrot base is not too sweet, and has chunks of walnuts here and there. Every bite leaves you hungry for more. Yum!!! I haven’t found another cake that I like as much there. Look at that pretty orange colour. πŸ˜€ If you think carrot cake is weird, it isn’t! You don’t taste carrots in the cake. Strangely you don’t.


Their Red Latte is spot on. Unlike the usual latte, where they put milk, this one is a type of red tea with honey inside. The drink is sweet, earthy and has this unique tea taste. it doesn’t make you full, unlike milk.

Milk isn’t that good for you! I read from this link that the acidic nature of the milk due to the pasteurisation, causes the body to need to use up the calcium ingested to neutralise the acid. This makes the properties of milk (Calcium) cancelled out in the first place. And the acidic nature could worsen osteoporosis. it’s ironic since we are ingesting a food that can supposedly help us, but in fact worsens the condition! It’s like a Plot Twist. As such, I’d opt for a Red Latte any day. Look at it’s bright tinge!Β Image

As they say, Skinny Pizza is indeed, a CRACKLE! I love it, and I hope you would try it out sometime soon.

Click hereΒ for the link! Hope you’ll try it out sometime soon, and you’d see that pizzas can be delicious as it is healthy.


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