Oishii Bakery: Hidden Gem

I love Oishii Bakery. Period. My favourites would include the Kaya Bun, Coffee Danish, Mexico Bun, Caterpillar and also Coconut Bun. Hehe. It’s obvious that I am a fan of this branch. Hahaha.

There are many different types, and now for CNY, they even have their very own love letters, and butter cookies. They have Black Sesame Love Letters, not a sight to miss.
Do try these amazing buns. It is unlike any bun you have ever tried. 😀


I’m sure you haven’t heard of this bakery before! It’s hidden at the top level of Beauty World Centre, near the hawker centre. I stumbled upon it the other day, as I was exploring the area. This rather non-descript bakery would easily be taken as one of the usual old school neighbourhood bakeries, but wait! Before you shrug it off, and walk pass it, pause for a moment to look in at their rows of freshly baked fluffy buns.

Intrigued by the wide selection of bread, I walked in to browse their selections. I was impressed to find that Oishii Bakery had so many options, from the more familiar Sausage Bun to more creative, rarely found creations like Black Sesame Paste Bun. They even had Hae Bee Hiam bun, and Kaya bun for the Singaporeans who love their traditional flavours. Young children need not feel left out, since Oishii Bakery…

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