Being Mom for a Day

It’s Day 1, and I realised, that it is hard being a mom.

I’m really exhausted now, but it is worthwhile since I’m doing it for my family!! My mom flew overseas for a few days, so I’m left to manage on my own.

I realised, that the washing machine is a constant drag in the house. Every time I have just completed the hanging of the clothes, or something, the washing machine would beep again, and I have to get up and deal with it. Hang everything, lug the whole chunk outside, and then if it rains, bring it back in anyway.

When the dryer finishes its work, there is no mom to help you. You have to fold the clothes yourself, all of them. Fold, distribute, and then the cycle repeats when the next batch is done. You even have to wash the rags that are hanging around in the house.

Today, since I was alone at home, I tried baking some coconut muffins!!! They are pretty good, since I tried making them with Coconut Oil and desiccated coconut. It is simple to do, but there is washing, measuring and cleaning. Being a clumsy person, I caused the floor to be smeared with flour.

This was the before picture. I had a messy time trying to scoop the batter into the cups. It got all over my fingers.


This was the after picture, while it was sitting in the oven! It tasted good, but not sweet enough. The coconut taste wasn’t strong enough too, I need to improve on its proportions. I made a small batch, since it is the first time I am trying a coconut muffin recipe. I shall make them again!! And it would look better this time around! They look like biscuits from this view.


You also have to keep track of time, when you are going to start cooking, or do your own thing.

I started cooking at 4.30pm and to my amazement I was in the kitchen till around 6.30pm.

It was tough work… The first part is the prep work that you have to do.

I had to cut all the broccoli into nice edible pieces, wash the batch, and throw away the thick stalks. Broccoli is a mess since the flower would just fly around everywhere while you are cutting it. It gets everywhere. It was in the sink, it was on my fingers, on the chopping board. You have to rinse the veggie too, since there would be soil and perhaps even worms stuck in between the leaves.

After that, I began cooking… The stressful part was the proportions. How much salt to add, how much soya sauce.. I overdid it a bit when I used too much strength to force the sauce out, and it came out as one big BLOOP!! And a colossal blob of sauce was added into the steaming veggie. Too salty!! When I added water, I had to taste it again, to see it if was okay. I had to watch the vegetables too, to see if they were getting yellow. That would mean the veggie was overcooked and wilted. The oil spurt suddenly, it’s painful.

Next up was this weird microwavable fish.. I microwaved it for the prescribed time, and yet when I opened up the bag, it still smelled raw. And looked raw. The sauce wasn’t exactly appetising either. It was a thick, weird gooey mess. I poked at the fish, feeling unsettled, and then put it in to microwave again.

Second time, it still wasn’t cooked. I put it in another 3rd time. 4th time. By then, I couldn’t help but try and taste the fish. Some parts were still uncooked.

I decided to plop the 2 pieces of fish onto the frying pan, even if you weren’t supposed to. I stirred, and stirred and the fish warmed up. The sauce was swimming around, some even got cooked off, and stuck onto the pan. It still didn’t look satisfying after I stirred it and flipped the fish over.

I wonder how mom knows distinctly how to deal with an item that she hasn’t dealt with before. I was so worried. I can’t serve my family raw fish!!! If they fall ill, the fault is on me. If they get food poisoning I’ll be scarred for life. No kidding!!!! 😦

I gave up and placed the fish on a plate. Then came the chicken. Raw chicken is so gross to handle. I felt a bit squeamish when I held the pink chicken in my hands. Too raw for my liking.

After placing the chicken into the oven, I decided to plop the fish on top of the oven, hoping the heat would be transmitted to the plate. And the fish would continue cooking… The oven was hot, and it was hard turning the wings over. You feel a bit worried when you’re near the oven. It’s terribly hot.

Thankfully all these came to pass, and my dad finally returned home. Still dissatisfied with the fish, I asked him to come over and examine it. Amazingly, when we cut it, the inside was white. Cooked… That was a relief. I can’t serve my family raw fish. Not ever.

And the end result??


The next hard part, was CLEANING UP. I didn’t know it was so much work!! Had to use kitchen cleaner to wipe the cupboards, the stove, wash the grills. The oven trays. Wipe dry all the utensils, wash everything. Even the rice cooker couldn’t be left unwashed.

It took us around 35 minutes to clean up the dining room and the kitchen. Alone, mum could have done it in 25 minutes. And with my dad, bro and I hastily washing and drying, was already a lot of work!! I was so tired.. To think mom does this every day.

This experience made me realise how much work mom has to do in a day. And she does it tirelessly, while dealing with her own business. It’s tiring, but yet she does it. You learn to appreciate your mom more. Really. 🙂 Here’s to the amazing things that moms can do.


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